GRL GANG Radio 007: Holly Woods

It seems like Florida is overflowing with talented producers these days, and one of them is South Florida’s very own Holly Woods. 

The up-and-coming musician brings something entirely new to the table with a live element that sees her incorporating her classical training into her live sets. 

I initially discovered Holly through her impressive remix of Porter Robinson and Mat Zo’s “Easy,” which has amassed over 50,000 plays to date, but she’s been gearing up to make a big impact with more music and shows on the way, including her debut Arrival EP, which has been years in the making.

Check out our interview with the producer about her goals, live shows and more. Check it out and stream her exclusive guest mix below! 

Thanks for chatting today! When and how did you get started in music production?

Thank you for chatting with me!! I got started by just being a member of the electronic music scene and letting the inspiration I got from that take me further and further. I was going to festivals in high school, ended up getting an internship with a big EDM publication, and electronic music slowly but surely became my life. I always had a really specific taste in music and a crazy desire to turn it into something special, so I decided to pick up any tools I could get my hands on at the time and go for it head first and haven't turned back since.

How do you incorporate live instruments into your sets and productions?

So my whole life I have been fascinated by the violin. My mom played it when she was growing up and it has just always been one of those sounds that instantly catches my ear. So while I was starting to put together original work, I always found myself either adding violins or using violins as the base of a sound to make a new sound. So, through that, I got my own and learned backwards. I taught myself how to play my songs backwards, from Ableton to real life. Basically all of my productions have some sort of violin element in it, whether it be apparent that its a violin or not and now I am able to play all my own tracks on violin as well as some parts I have made up specifically for live shows.

Who would you say are your three biggest musical influences in the electronic/dance genre?

G Jones, Porter Robinson, RL Grime.

For someone who is new to you and your music, describe yourself in three words.

Hmmmmm.. refreshing, unexpected, happy :)

What would you say have been some of the highlights of your career so far?

For an actual event, performing with Illenium is one for sure, he's always been a huge inspiration of mine so to be able to open up the stage for him was just mind boggling. Besides that, I have loved watching, feeling, and hearing myself grow. Each new track I work on is a highlight of my process and its really insane to hear the music that I'm making now compared to when I first started.

You’ve had a pretty big year so far, with a couple of original releases, several music festivals and some awesome bookings. What’s next for you in 2019?

2019 has been good to me. This weekend I have a show in Vegas and a few more exciting ones to announce, but right now, I am really putting all of my time and effort into creating a collective piece of art that I am super proud to show and perform. So, 2019 for me is really just zooming in on what I want Holly Woods to be in my next stages and preparing for when that time comes!

Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

In 5 years I see myself owning an absurd amount of dogs, having my own charity to benefit shelter dogs, and living somewhere near a beach lol. For music, I have always been captivated by story telling - music, visuals, and an experience that paint a picture together. So where I hope to see myself in 5 years is on tour with an entire audio/visual live show that incorporates live violin, a visual storyline, and tons of original music!

What is a studio must-have for you?

I am such a computer musician, so my studio must-have is endless plug-ins. One of my favorite go-to's is IK Multimedia's T-RackS suite.

Lastly, what does GRL GANG mean to you?

GRL GANG is a community of really unique artists and people supporting each other!


Holly Woods - Numinous x Shirou Novleinn, & FIFTH DREAM PARALLEL - io:repeat

RL Grime - Arcus (Just A Tune Flip)

Liot - Four Pounds

SUHAN - Peach Tree

Holly Woods - Oblivion

Allen Mock - Like This

Jupe - 2.0

RL Grime - Feel Free (Blvk Sheep Remix)

Crankdat - Reason to Run (Warez Remix)

STALKER - Out My Mind

San Holo - Light (Loosid Remix)

Akari - Aporia

LAXX - High From It (ft. Belle Humble) (Moon Rush Remix)


Kaskade - Disarm You (Prismo Remix) x Into Oblivion (Holly Woods Edit)

Zaffre x Hold On (LUCA LUSH mash)

Infuze Team EZY - Tell Me Again (ft. FATHERDUDE)

Porter Robinson - Easy (Holly Woods Remix)

Holly Woods x ATHRS - ID