GRL GANG Radio 006: Reid Speed

If you’re talking about women in music who are killing it, then you must mention Reid Speed. This DJ/producer/Play Me Records label boss/radio host/cat mom and overall badass has been paving the way for herself since she got her first real gig at a weekly drum and bass party in ‘97. Ever since then, she’s been grinding nonstop to get the recognition that she and so many other women truly deserve.

I met Reid for the first time last year when she invited me to be a guest on her Bass Station live stream, where I – primarily a heavy bass + trap DJ – put together some of my favorite drum and bass tunes and got down with her on the decks for a couple of hours in my living room while her impressively devoted fanbase chimed in begging for IDs, celebrating Reid’s skills and song selection and outshining the inevitable keyboard warriors.

I knew Reid was as cool as she looked when she encouraged me while I played what was probably a super mediocre drum and bass set without any judgement. And part of the reason I even started GRL GANG was because of stories like hers; from getting records stolen from her back when USBs weren’t a thing, to giving literally zero f*cks when sad little boys comment ‘take your tops off!’ while she’s showing up most of her male DJ counterparts on stream and continuing to level up regularly. Reid has definitely proved that women can do anything they want in this industry.

I’m so proud to have my friend and inspiration, Reid Speed, on GRL GANG Radio today. With almost half of the tracklist featuring or produced by women, this installment truly shows what GRL GANG is all about. Check it out for yourself below!



1. HIGHSOCIETY feat. Anna McQueen - New Drug 

2. Dog Blood - Break Law

3. PURGE - Comatose feat. Bijou Dream

4. Black Tiger Sex Machine - Hacker

*Dillon Francis - BaBaBa ft. Young Ash (Acapella)

5. Lucille Croft & TMRRW - Walk In the Rave

6. Teddy Killerz - Vibe

7. Vampa - Resurrection

8. Whiney - Notorious feat. Sense MC

9. Droptek - Wormholes

10. Erotic Cafe - Hall Right

*Teebee - Blue Rose (Teebee Lynch’d Remix)

11. Phace x Noisia - Micro Organism (Buunshin Remix)

12. Tapolsky & VovKing - Bounce

13. Reid Speed & King Trimble - Space Force

14. L Plus - Soul Food

15. Annix, Kanine - Jackpot

16. PhaseOne - Lost feat. Koven

17. Vowel - Emerge

18. Aries, Gold Dub & Bladerunner feat. Navigator & Cheshire Cat - Bust Them Up (Gray Remix)

19. Whiney - She Just Wanna Dance (Kyrist Remix)

20. Kallan HK - Future Shock

21. Reid Speed & Frank Royal feat. She Is B - In 2 U (Flite Remix)

22. Dossa & Locuzzed - Tha Bird feat. DJ Marky

23. AC Slater - Final Fantasy feat. Kaleena Zanders (Turno Remix)

24. Droptek - Criptos (Bad Sound)

25. Vorso- Voltage