GRL GANG Radio 004: Wenzday

DJ, producer, label owner, radio host and overall badass Wenzday is fresh off of the release of her Heartbreak House EP and a huge performance at EDC Las Vegas.

With releases on Circus Records, Dim Mak, IN / ROTATION, Play Me Records, and more, it’s clear that the LA native has been putting in work, but she isn’t stopping anytime soon. With tons more on the way, we’re excited to get an inside look at all things Wenzday and even a sneak preview of what we might hear from her next. Check out her exclusive interview and guest mix for GRL GANG below.

Thanks for chatting with us today! How did your recent performance at EDC Las Vegas go?

Thanks so much for chatting with me! EDC was a dream. I got to play the Corona Electric Beach stage and it was probably the most fun I've ever had playing a show. Since I just put out my Heartbreak House EP I wanted my set to reflect that theme so I mixed in a lot of "break up" dance anthems and it got an amazing reaction!

You graduated from the prestigious Icon Collective Music School in LA. Do you think your experience there made you who you are today?

Attending Icon Collective absolutely changed my life. Besides learning the ins and outs of music production and music business, I made lifelong friendships and connections. Icon also helped me zero in on what really matters to me and my artist project and how to make my goals a reality. I went into Icon barely knowing how to open any DAW and came out with completed songs and a clear vision of what I wanted the WENZDAY project to be.

What are three of your current favorite songs to play out?

The first is probably "Heartbreak House" ft. Kevin Flum. I'm so proud of this song and really the whole EP in general so I open all my sets with it. This song is my entire heart and the reaction to it has been really amazing.

"Bang" from Matroda ft. Dances With White Girls has become a regular in my sets as well. It's such a vibe and I'm such a huge fan of both of these artists.

"Infinite" from Habstrakt is also a tune I've been playing out a lot. There's so many layers to this song--the vocals, sound design, and vibe that make it really fun to play out because it builds so well and gets the crowd hyped at the drop. Habby has also been such a great friend and mentor to me in this scene so I always have to support.

What was your inspiration for founding 40oz Collective? Do you have any advice for producers who want to start a label of their own?

40oz Cult represents the opposite of bottle service culture. We wanted to form a collective of like minded artists who stick to their guns and put out music and art because it means something to them instead of just following trends. My brother, Hami, and I have been incredibly lucky to have such talented and supportive friends in this scene and we wanted to create a platform for all of us to release music together with creative freedom. In terms of advice--I think that in order to start a label you need to make sure that your personal brand is consistent and you have the reach and influence within your genre or community. From there, start aligning yourself with like minded individuals who are down to support whether thru reposting or playing out live. Once you develop that community, the label side becomes easy- especially with all of the technology and distribution platforms out there right now. I think a label is only as strong as its artists and fan support so make sure you are ready to build with your team!

I absolutely loved 'Heartbreak House' and it seems like you really stepped out of your comfort zone throughout the EP. What was the process like creating it?

Thank you! Heartbreak House was an extremely cathartic experience for me. It's a concept EP that illustrates the stages of a break up from the position of the person doing the breakup. There are so many breakup songs and albums about being left or wanting someone and I wanted to put something out there for the people who are the other side of that. It still hurts. You still mourn the relationship. But in the end, you have to do what is right for you.

I was so fortunate to work with Kevin Flum, Sippy, and B-Sides. All of these artists are great friends who understood my vision and where I was coming from and I'm so proud of this body of work. My live sets are also extremely diverse so I wanted a collection of songs that I could play out in my sets and that reflected the genres I love right now!

Can you name a must-have on your rider?

Redbull!!! I jump around a lot when I play so this is a must!

What's your Number 1 LA food staple?

I love Veggie Grill! I'm probably at Veggie Grill once a week when I'm home. It's cheap and delicious and everyone should eat there.

What will be hearing in your mix today?

I included a bunch of my tunes including "All The Way Home" and "Heartbreak House" and my new collab with my friend Badjokes. I also tried to include as many tunes from or featuring badass females killing it in the scene right now like Blossom, Anna Lunoe, and Kendoll. There's also tunes from the homies Dr. Fresch, Masteria, and Birthdayy Partyy. I wanted a mix that you can listen to any time of day or night and hopefully people will discover some new artists or songs they haven't heard before!

Finally, What does GRL GANG mean to you?

GRL GANG is all about supporting women. Especially right now, girls need to stick together! It's so easy to be supportive by reposting a song, liking a photo online, or playing out fellow female artists. I have been extremely lucky in my career to have had support from both men and women and I hope that I can do the same for upcoming artists and friends!


Wenzday- All The Way Home

Wenzday x Badjokes- ID

Wenzday-Jungle Demon

Matroda ft. Dances With White Girls- Bang

Walker & Royce ft. VNSSA-Word


Masteria-Lose Control

Blossom ft. Noises-Buzzin'

Spice Girls- Wannabe (Freak On Remix)

Billie Eillish- Bad Guy (Masteria Remix)

Diplo ft. Tove Lo-Win Win

Anna Lunoe- 303 (Flava D Remix)

Cassie- Me & U (Birthdayy Partyy Remix)

Wenzday ft. Kevin Flum-Heartbreak House

Odae ft. Kevin Flum- Go Down

Badjokes-Cannibal Cop

Dr. Fresch & Sinden-No Good